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Unfair Sentence?

Let us help you with post-conviction relief

Don't Let Ineffective Counsel Ruin Your Chances at Freedom!

If you are not happy with the way previous counsel handled your criminal case, call The Potts Law Office immediately. We have experience with post-conviction relief, and we will fight to have your trial reheard. Ineffective assistance of counsel is no excuse, and we WILL make sure you get a fair trial.

When can Post-Conviction Relief be Used?

Now is Your Chance to be Heard

  • When a defendant is unlawfully held in custody

  • The sentence or conviction goes against the state's law

  • The conviction of sentence violates the U.S. Constitution

  • When important evidence is left out of the trial

  • The sentence received exceeds the maximum for the crime

  • If a sentence was handed down outside of jurisdiction

  • Any other types of legal errors

If you are ready to get justice and fight back against your unfair trial, call us right away. We can make sure that you receive the help you need from a professional and qualified attorney.


Your post-conviction relief trial is your chance to undo unfair damages and sentences placed against you, so it is important to follow the proper procedures for filing the case. We are committed to taking care of the entire process for you while you rest at ease knowing we have everything under control.

We can help you get your record expunged.


Learn more about the appeals and pardons process today!

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